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5 members of the leadership members visited qingdao national ocean scientific research center
date:2015-5-10   hits:  

    on afternoon of 5th, may, 2015, mr zhang tao, director of sdioi, mr zhao yanzhi, party secretary of sdioi and other 3 members of the leadership members visited qingdao national ocean scientific research center (ocean scientific research center). mr li naisheng, party leadership group member of provence science and technology department and director of ocean scientific research center, mr yang ming, vice of ocean scientific research center and other heads of department of ocean scientific research center took part in the meeting.

    mr zhang tao introduced the main working plan for the new leadership of sdioi, and the of comprehensive budget management, adjustment of science research and operation, channel establishment of export of techniques and achievement refund after revolution of class ii public interest public institution to the leaders of ocean scientific research center. they knew the progress science research and r&d center construction. 

    mr li naisheng said that he hoped the new leadership should have the new new appearance and reshape, fully recognize the strategic importance of the ocean instrument and equipment, realize equipment innovation, integration and nationalization, and aim to emancipation of the mind and new thought extraction. meanwhile, mr li also pointed that sdioi should pay attention to following five works, planning for important ocean  instrument and equipment project, strengthening civil-military integration, being selected into national lab, establishing national ocean instrument and equipment exhibition platform in new building, establishing public test site.

    mr zhang expressed that sdioi would follow the indication of the leader of ocean scientific research center and put all important work into sdioi strategic planning. and he also hoped that the ocean scientific research center could support sdioi in important project planning and being selected into national lab.