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    china is huge in marine resources, but it is not a maritime power. to become a maritime power, we need to deeply understand the sea, fully develop it and firmly defend it. therefore, marine monitoring technology and equipment are essential to fulfill this purpose. developing marine monitoring technology and equipment is of great scientific, social and historical importance in marine resources exploitation, economic development, disaster prevention and relief and national security.
    since its founding nearly fifty years ago, institute of oceanographic instrumentation, shandong academy of sciences (sdioi) has focused on the technological research and equipment development in the field of marine monitoring. it has a professional team made of hard-working, responsible and experienced researchers. they have conquered multiple technical difficulties to develop batches of marine monitoring equipment with advanced techniques and reliable performances. all this has made great contribution to the country’s marine environment monitoring, marine disaster forecast and marine security.
    in the new historical period of deepening reform of the scientific system, sdioi will take the nation’s maritime power strategy as guidance, serve the nation’s marine undertaking, promote the economic development of shandong province and improve independent innovation ability. meanwhile, sdioi will also further promote the reform of mechanism, enhance scientific innovation, improve comprehensive strength, deepen cultural construction, carry out wide-ranged domestic and international cooperation and provide the country with advanced technology and reliable equipment.
    facing new opportunities and challenges, all the members of sdioi will be united as one, to work hard with down-to-earth attitude, to make sdioi an outstanding institute, leading the direction of scientific innovation, technological service and achievements industrialization in the field of marine monitoring technology.