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brief introduction

     founded in 1966, institute of oceanographic instrumentation, shandong academy of sciences (sdioi), focuses on basic and applied basic research, key generic technology research and industrialization of related achievements. sdioi also carries out domestic and international scientific cooperation, builds marine monitoring scientific innovation platform, provides public service and trains post-graduate students. 

    sdioi has 442 authorized positions. there are 300 researchers working on marine monitoring equipment, 120 of which are senior researchers. seven senior researchers are granted state council special allowance, there are also four taishan scholars, one winner of national friendship award and three winners of shandong provincial friendship award. more than 10 researchers are awarded shandong provincial young and middle-aged experts and qingdao outstanding talents in specialized technology. the institute also establishes a post-doctoral sub-station of shandong academy of sciences.
    sdioi has four national innovation platforms: national marine monitoring equipment engineering technology research center, national marine equipment international-joint research center, strategic alliance of technology innovation for marine monitoring equipment industry and national marine high-tech industrialization base, and two provincial key labs: shandong marine monitoring instrument and equipment technology key lab and shandong special welding technology key lab. sdioi has also obtained quality system qualification, marine metrology certification issued by cnca and license to manufacture measuring instruments. 
    sdioi has been working on marine monitoring technology research and industrialization since its founding decades ago, and has built professional teams working on technologies such as ship meteorology, ecological monitoring, marine monitoring platform, special ship and equipment, marine acoustic, marine remote sensing, deep sea detection, underwater engineering, ocean data buoy and marine sensors. sdioi has undertaken over 380 national and provincial scientific research projects, won three national s&t progress awards, over 50 provincial s&t progress awards and more than 100 city s&t progress awards, and has been granted over 300 patents. the marine data buoy system developed by sdioiis at an advanced level domestically, and was awarded national independent innovation product certificate in 2009. all the 10-meter diameter discus buoys in use in china are all designed, produced and technically supported by sdioi, they are deployed in bohai sea, the yellow sea, east china sea and south china sea. users of the marine data buoy system include state oceanic administration, china meteorological administration, oceanic and fishery administration of various coastal provinces, china academy of sciences and local harbor offices. the system provides real-time data for marine forecast, weather forecast and marine project constructions. ship-borne meteorological monitoring and forecasting series are widely used on various kinds of ships, scientific research vessels, vos and civil ships. the automatic observing system has realized unattended continuous monitoring, and is widely installed on ocean stations along the coast, on unmanned automatic observing station of islands and on ocean platforms and ports. the marine survey equipment developed and produced by sdioi takes the leading position in china, and has played an important part in the marine scientific research and survey.