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shandong academy of sciences
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 founded in 1979, shandong academy of sciences(sdas)is a comprehensive research institution in natural science, focusing on the research and development of high and new technologies, and has the ability to undertake key r&d projects from both the state and the province, with its strong faculties. 

covering a land area of 770 mu and a construction area of 144,400 sqm , sdas has a total staff of over 2000, of whom 825 are professional scientific personnel, including state-level experts and professionals who enjoy government allowance,young professionals with standing contribution, and top provincial professionals. 
under sdas, there are 12 r&d institutes including oceanographic instrumentation institute, laser research institute, computing center , analysis and test center, automation research institute, energy research institute, new material research institute, biology research institute, institute for development strategy of science and technology, information research institute, sino-japanese friendly bio-technology research institute, and new and hi-tech industrial base (mid-experimentation). the key research fields cover information technology, bio-engineering technology, new materials, new energy & energy-saving technology, automation technology, laser technology, intelligent instrument, analysis and test, fine chemicals and soft science, etc. ever since its founding, sdas has totally achieved over 740 products of science and technology, among which 342 have won prizes, including 12 state-level prizes, 122 provincial prizes and 145 authorized patents. a number of tasks have been listed in the state “863 plan” or in the state and provincial key s&t promotion plans. seven provincial level s&t laboratories were set up such as computer networks laboratory, biosensor laboratory, adhesive materials laboratory, laboratory for applied technology of sophisticated analytic instrument, bio-tech laboratory, marine environment monitoring technology laboratory and biomass gasification technology laboratory. a number of research institutes have been awarded by china science and technology ministry or the provincial science and technology department as “key s&t products promotion base”, “ technology promotion center ” and “ engineering technology center ”. meanwhile, totally eight provincial academies or associations are based on sdas. six kinds of state or provincial newspapers and magazines are compiled and published by sdas. close cooperative relations in science and technology have been set up with more than 20 universities, research institutes and new & hi-tech enterprises from the usa, the uk, germany, canada, poland, russia, belarus, ukraine and japan, etc. hi-tech enterprises like tianli  company, tianhong company, solar zhengfang related to desiccation technology, ceramic arc architectural decorative plates, intelligent solar energy water heaters and computer software technology. the mid-experimental base under construction is the biggest mid-experimental and industrialization base in the province with a land area of 508 mu. sino-belarus hi-tech park, approved by china science and technology ministry as the hi-tech park is located in jinan hi-tech development zone.
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